Manifesto feminista

Manifesto feminista

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English title: Feminist Manifesto
Corporate author(s): UMAR – União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta
Keyword(s): gender violence | education | prostituton | migrant women | trafficking in women | feminist movements | women’s associations | Portugal
Languages(s): Portugese
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The Feminism Manifesto, based on a sample of data from different women’s associations, establishes 10 main intervention areas: Gender Violence and Domestic Violence; Women, Employment and Empowerment; Education/ Apprenticeship; Migrant Women; Female Genital Mutilation and other Harmful Traditional Practices; Rights for Women who provide sexual services; Trafficking in Women;
Health Care and Sexual and Reproductive Rights; LGBTQ+ Rights; Political Participation. 87 concrete measures are defined in the Manifesto which was introduced to the Portuguese entities, political parties and civil society.


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